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Cities of the future

The publication Cities of the Future deals with the effective use of modern technologies for better governance of cities regarding their sustainable development and the quality of life of the city’s inhabitants.

The first part describes the cities of the future from a systemic perspective, including urbanism, security, the shared economy or the ongoing fourth industrial revolution.

The second part focuses on examples of selected areas, such as modern office, cyber infrastructure, smart transactions, energy, mobility and logistics, intelligent buildings and water management. This part of the book must be taken as a mere sample of selected areas, which can be further expanded to include health care, waste management, education, etc.

The third part describes examples of cities of the future, such as Vienna’s Aspern district, or a practical guide to building smart cities, including how to measure their cleverness, to the imaginary laboratory of cities of the future SynopCity.com, where news about other versions of this publication will be updated.

Published by the publisher NADATUR, www.nadatur.com, in January 2018.

Full colour publication, format 210 x 270 mm, 392 pages.

Recommended retail price: CZK 695

Price for Cluster members: CZK 490

For more information, contact the Cluster Manager – radka.sykorova@czechsmartcitycluster.com